GH5,来自于Give Me High Five,为自己的努力付出而击掌,为身边的每一个人带来鼓励。
    GH5, a short-form abbreviated from Give Me High Five, clapping for one’s own hard-work, and inspires everyone around.
    GH5 the Best Experience dance studio, established in 2006, always insist that “dance” results from the best experience;
    Over 500 Master / E.D.W classes since 2013; In 2017, for the first time ever, annually total number of class participation exceed 100,000 people;

    gh5 Gifted child少儿舞蹈馆,源自于“孩子是上帝送给父母最好的礼物”,每个孩子都有自己的天赋,每个人孩子都应该找到适合自己的成长空间。
    gh5 Gifted child kids Studio, derive from “Children are God’s best gift to their parent”, every child has their own gift, every child should find place for their own growth.